ELA 11 Mods 3,4 Monday December 2, 2013


Homework:  DUE WEDNESDAY.  The article found by clicking this link is an opinion piece on the food industry and transparency for the public. “Transparency” is the word used several times in order to discuss the common consumer’s ability to see exactly where their food comes from and how it is made. As per usual, you are expected to write a 2 paragraph response with the first paragraph being a summary of the article and the second paragraph being a personal response. Try to include any references to the novel that you can when writing your response.



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  1. Ryan Goodman, who’s an agriculture advocate says that transparency is increasingly the mandate at operations both large and small, from cattle ranches and slaughter houses to milking facilities and dairy farms.
    I agree with how the slaughter houses don’t have glass windows, because who’d want to see animals being murdered. In the video, the farmer treats his animals with care; meaning he’s against animal abuse.

  2. Evan says:

    This article is about where food comes from and how its made. In the article it talks about how society is transparent to the way their steak makes its way to their plate. The author also goes on to talk about how transparent the farmers themselves are to the process that is the slaughterhouse. In one part of the article they mention a couple of farmers who differentiate their view points on the topic. One keeps it private and the other is very open and also precise with their workings in the slaughter house.
    My opinion on this is I know what happens and im ok with it. Not saying that im cool with some of the more cruel and sad parts of the process but, i know what has to be done in order for food to make its way to plates around the globe. For example, in Feed they had a farm full of filet ming yun and to me this shows that they have killed of most of the cattle in the country to the point that they are deduced to growing it. We as a people consume so much that we don’t know when to stop even if we eat things we probably could of donated. Every Time though when I do eat these meats from cows I don’t think about the animals immediately instead I think about the starving african children who don’t get this option.

  3. SGT. ZAMBUTO says:

    This article was about the allowing of meat and what laws that could make killing animals illegal. In this article there were many good ideas. My here were two people who were talked about in it and there names were Ryan goodman and Megan brown. There were both ranchers/farmers and they love animals. They were talking about how there should be a law on killing innocent animals.

    I learned in this article that they are trying to make it illegal to kill animals in order to use for meat. I strongly think that this is a good thing band a bad thing. The good part is that people should not be able to kill animals because it is cruel and most animals are innocent and don’t hurt humans. But thae bad thing is that if you pass this law then Wegmans and tops will lose a lot of money that they could make off of selling meat.

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