grayscale_spelling_error_desktop_1114x1145_wallpaper-314616Example question and comment:

Choose one of the main characters (you may not use Giles Corey), identify one personality trait that is important to the story, and explain how the author has developed that trait over the first three acts.  An example paragraph is below.

Giles Corey is a difficult person with whom to get along.  He sues his neighbors regularly, even suing his friend John Proctor for saying he burned the roof off Giles’ barn.  In addition, when he enters Act I with Rebecca Nurse, she scolds him and tells him to keep quiet despite the fact that he has not uttered a word.  This shows she expects him to antagonize.  Miller uses Corey’s contrary nature to build on the independence of other characters like John Proctor to create a group who represents the fraying of the larger Salem community.  This is necessary, as these societal splits were one of the causes of the witch trials.

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  1. Jack Fairchild says:

    In the book, “Things They Carried”, a character named Kiowa is with his friends fighting during the Vietnam War. In the beginning of this book, he says to his friend “I enjoy not being killed”. I think that this quote means that Kiowa is the only person who has not been shot yet and he prays and carries a Bible with him. Also, when Kiowa brought the Bible with him on his adventure, I think that bringing something related to religion might be good luck such as fighting in a war or saving people. In conclusion, I think that what Kiowa is trying to say here is that he survived being shot by the power of the Bible and God!

  2. anna says:

    I’m one day closer to graduation!!!!

  3. Andrew Weed says:

    One thing I’m positive about is being one step closer to my collage degree and my dream job.

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